What does our "made in France" mean?

When a garment has a "made in France" label, it does not necessarily mean that it was designed from start to finish in France. Indeed, according to the law, the product takes the origin of the country where it has "undergone the last substantial transformation". Clearly a garment can be declared of French origin, even after having traveled to the farthest lands of France, if a last transformation takes place in France.

At Adalma, we have made the conscious choice that all the production stages of our collections take place in France, because it was the most coherent choice with our values. We source our materials in France, we produce our own prototypes, we work with workshops based in Paris, our labels and packaging are made in St-Etienne... This is what our "Made in France" means. 

A specialized know-how

We work with different workshops specialized in the manufacture of each of the techniques associated with our parts. Indeed, the work on blurred pieces requires a different expertise than the one on tailors, and we like to work in collaboration with a workforce in charge of such a great history, which is sublimely transmitted to us.