The studio and the workshop

The making of our collections necessarily passes through our workshop. The use of second hand materials requires maintenance before using them. It is also here that we make our prototypes, some of our pieces and where we embroider our unique pieces. We have installed a showroom to welcome you in our universe and to present our collections in preview.

Enter the heart of the Adalma universe

The cobblestones of the courtyard, in their irregular swing, draw us towards the intimacy of this space kept secret by the tacit agreement of the buildings. Behind the glass roof, the light invites itself in a refined atmosphere, thought and built by the sensitive and poetic imagination of the designer. It is translated by the frank sobriety of the white walls, which is coupled with the alliance of the wood, the chrome finishes of the furniture and the textured details of washed linen. Each element recognizes the echoes of a previous life and adds its own hue to the vibrant energy of the place. Our passion for antiques has been brought to life to furnish our space, our Breuer chairs, racks, screens and cabinets. This place translates our anchoring in a conduct of eloquent transparency, and sustainable. It reveals more than a studio, it is a true art of living.


What will we do there?

Drawing, measuring, pattern making, prototypes, maintenance of our latest finds, embroidery and confections. Our hands play between fabrics, lines and supplies.

It is here that our collections will be born in our minds, even under the needle of our sewing machines.

The creative halo of the place inevitably inspires our studio. This is where we imagine and develop our universe, plan our next pop-ups, or prepare your orders with care.

This studio is part of Adalma's soul.