An art of living

The designer's passion for vintage is embodied in the Adalma collections. Instinctively, materials and all antique objects attract her, by their quality resulting from an exceptional know-how and the history they evoke of their past era.
Thus the designer reverses her creative process. The collections are inspired by materials and supplies that she herself has found. Each piece has its own history through its vintage materials, its buttons found in flea markets or its laces found at the bottom of a forgotten cupboard and many others...
The creator makes the old and the contemporary merge harmoniously at the rhythm of the colors, the forms and the textures.

Our creation and art

Poetic and romantic literature, painting, plastic arts, music, ceramics, cinema... The arts influence every day a little more the creation at Adalma.  We make it a point of honor to share all the forms of beauty that make us vibrate.

Our commitment to the future

The ethics of our creation is at the heart of our concerns. We have put in place solutions to replace the parts with a high ecological and social impact in our production, and we want to always improve. We want our clothes to be imbued with the kindness with which we design them.

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