The origin

"In my country of heart we refer to the soul by the word Alma. Soul, a feminine name that designates a principle of life, thought, sensitivity and that gives something its originality. And because this project comes from my heart, I added my initials to it in order to embody my soul."

An instinct

Adalma was born from the need to create with the finds accumulated by the designer throughout Europe in her various flea markets and resourceries. She gives life to these laces, buttons and other vintage materials and supplies through her collections.

Combining precision and spontaneity, at Adalma's the old and the present merge in a delicately mischievous harmony.

The designer

Andreia Domingues, grew up in Alsace, one of the cradles of the French textile industry. She met Paris when she entered the school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne

From her first experiences in the Parisian Haute Couture houses, she felt the need for both environmental and social meaning in her creativity. The taste for entrepreneurship came to her during her years in a small Parisian lingerie brand. And it is in this spirit that she creates Adalma.

Adalma's story was born from her sensitivity to the world around her and its beauty. Combined with this sensitivity, it is the desire to preserve this beauty that guides its creation at Adalma.

It is thanks to her, that today, Adalma
presents clothes in tune with their times.